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Recurse Center


Starting Monday I am doing a 12-week session at the Recurse Center, a "self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers". I am very excited! I have wanted to do an RC retreat for a long time, but the logistics never seemed feasible: RC is in New York, I was in San Francisco with family and job. Now I have no job and everybody* lives in the cloud, so it's doable.

I plan to spend the time mostly working on a project (Programmable Matter, about which more later) that I've been doing by myself for some time. I struggle a lot with maintaining day-to-day focus and motivation, and I've gone way too long without getting much feedback. I hope that working within the RC community will provide some structure and (mutual) support, and will be a generous environment in which to open up.

I also hope to meet and collaborate with some interesting new people, and to discover some new enthusiasms. I'm trying to be receptive to whatever arises—but here are some things I might like to do:

I am very excited, did I say that?

* Not everybody